5 Awesome & Diverse Dog Training Channels on YouTube

We love our dogs and we make sure that we provide them everything they need: from foods, treats, maintenance, toys, proper grooming, and many more. Of course, we want what is best for them. There are many ways in which we can guarantee that our dogs are not just healthy but also fit. Tacoma dog training is one of the things that most pet owners want their dogs to have. Just because they are eating well does not mean they are also physically fit. There are also other benefits of providing training with your dogs especially when your dog is aggressive or has some misunderstood behavior distinct to other dogs.  

To facilitate your dog’s learning, will require help from the professionals, but of course, you cannot schedule a meeting with the professional dog whispers to offer you their time and service. Aside from this method can be very expensive, it is also time-consuming, and therefore, impractical.  


The following are the top best websites that can help you train your dog’s effectively and efficiently: 


1.Aggressive Dog – this channel can be seen on YouTube and is owned by Michael Shikashio CDBC, a behavior consultant, advocate, and speaker about dogs and aggression. His niche is helping professionals and nonprofessionals train and tame their aggressive dogs or to teach the owners proper ways on how to facilitate and manage their pet’s aggression. He uses his channel to provide free access to information about techniques, as well as tools, and safety protocols when working or training an aggressive dog.  

2.Train Positive – this channel provides different techniques you can do with your dogs at home. His techniques are easy-to-follow, doable, and simple. He also features mechanical skills you can utilize for your dogs.  

  1. Smart Bitch Modern DogTraning– this YouTube channel is owned and operated by two women named Jiovany Alcaide and Taylor Barconey. Thet mix education and learning with fun and entertainment, and you can really see and experience them when you watch them deliver their tips and techniques on their videos. They are also an epitome of powerful branding and messaging that can help anyone who is running a dog training business.  

4.Domesticated Manners – this channel is owned and operated by Chirag Patel who is an internationally renowned animal behaviorist who specializes in dogs. His videos consist of simple techniques you can do with your dogs that also teach your pet discipline and other responsibilities.  

5.Kamal Fernandez – this person owns a personal vlog and a channel on YouTube that helps everyone train their dogs in different manners. Fernandez is a professional dog sports coach and is known to be a great coach in the world championship dog sports. He trains dog and this is what he does for a living. He focuses on a variety of posts that he can train with the dogs as well as reactivity.  


Now that you have the top five popular channels you can find on YouTube that also feature interesting content; you can now try some of their techniques to your dogs. However, if you want to be more certain of the results and efficacy, you can also hire professional dog trainers for convenience and surer results.